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Get Anxious When Playing Bingo? This Will Help

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Do you constantly worry about things which perhaps will never happen, or do you feel anxious or tensed throughout the day without any concrete reason? Well, it in normal to get anxious at times, but if you are always worried and tensed, so much so that it affects your ability to perform your normal daily functions, and does not allow you to relax at all, then you are perhaps suffering from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

What is GAD?

GAD is an anxiety disorder that results in the person always being tensed, nervous, and worried. You suffer from a feeling of dread that affects your entire life. Though the intensity of anxiety here is less compared to what you suffer from during panic attacks, but it is far long lasting, making it challenging to lead a normal life. However, there are various ways you can cope with this condition and make your life easier. You naturally must be now interested in knowing how to get rid of GAD, so without wait let us discover some easy solutions.

1. Connect with people

Getting support from people really helps you deal with this condition. Connect with someone who knows how to calm you down and can help diffuse anxiety, someone who really cares about you. It is important that you should be able to get in touch with this person and meet her/him, face to face, regularly. The person should listen to you calmly, without criticizing or judging you.

2. Calm yourself down

It is good to have a person who you can contact whenever in need. But, there can be times when you may not be able to get in touch and will thus have to calm yourself down on your own. Your physical senses can help you a lot in such situations. Just look at something that relaxes you, it could be family photographs, an old video, or anything else. You may even listen to some soothing music or maybe sing your favorite song. Sipping on a cup of coffee or eating your favorite ice cream or any other dish can also prove to be helpful.

3. Start exercising

Exercise is one of the most effective and natural treatment for anxiety. It helps reduce stress hormones, relieves tension, and boosts your feel-good chemicals like endorphin’s and serotonin. Make sure you exercise for at least 30 minutes every day to enjoy the benefits.

4. Learn to relax

When you suffer from general anxiety disorder, your breathing gets faster, your heart starts pounding, you feel dizzy, and muscles also tense up. But when you are calm you breathe deep and slow and your heart rate is also normal. It is thus important for you to learn to relax so that you can avoid GAD from affecting you again. Meditation and deep breathing are amongst some relaxation techniques that you should practice on a regular basis.

Now that you have some ideas on getting rid of generalized anxiety disorder, start following these techniques right away, and enjoy an anxiety-free, happy, and blissful life always.